30 January 2015
Pay Per Click
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Basics of Creating a PPC Campaign


If you are planning to use PPC marketing your business promotion, It is very important that you understand the various fundamental aspects of a PPC campaign. Handling PPC becomes a lot easier after you understand these terms.

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Before starting this discussion let us understand PPC.

What is PPC?

It is an online advertising model that helps businesses to bring traffic to their website by displaying ads on various online platforms such as search engines, website, video sharing platforms etc. However, advertisers have to pay a certain amount of money to the publishers when their ads appear or get clicked.

Google Adwords is amongst the world’s top paid advertising network. It is the tool for designing an effective PPC campaign.

Criteria for listing higher on Google

– Great quality score
– Bid higher or wisely
– Target the right keyword

Create Campaigns

A single Adwords campaign can have multiple campaigns. A campaign can be simply defined as a collection of ad groups. These groups may be targeted on different or same budgets, locations, devices etc. A campaign can target different components based on the budgets, demographics and various distribution settings.

Manage Ad Groups

Ad groups are very crucial part of any campaign. Ad groups help to perfectly set a campaign considering factors such as keywords, ads, bids etc. Every ad group is based on different themes or products or services. Businesses also categorize their ad groups on selling points, USP, location etc

Best Quality Landing Pages

A paid ad is created with an objective of directing potential customers to your website’s landing page. Landing page is a page within your website that a visitor is taken after clicking on a particular ad. Make sure your customers are brought to a page that they were expecting. It should have the entire information and features that is needed to proceed to the next level. If your landing page is irrelevant then it is most probable that your users may bounce out from you website in search of better information. Also, make sure the design of your landing page stay within the path of user’s intend.

The content and features within your page should be relevant to the ad the searchers click to enter your website. The experience and usability of landing page is considered as an important factor in a keyword’s quality score.

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