13 January 2018
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51 Retail Marketing Strategies From Experts

Retail marketing involves various ways by which retailers make their target audience aware of their offerings with the goal to initiate sales. There are four Ps of retail marketing i.e. Product, Place, Price and Promotion. However, of late the focus is on four Cs i.e. Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication.

There are several old and new approaches and strategies that retailers can make use of for marketing their products and services. Well, every business needs to promote its products and services to a definite segment of customers. Now, a prudent marketing strategy is one that is focused on the potential customer base, and provides product information in an attractive and interesting way using the latest technology and other means available.

Retail Marketing Strategies

Retail Marketing Strategies | Image Resource : modernretail.com

However, to implement marketing plans you at first need to understand your customers, their perspectives, their interests and ways to relate to them. Another, most vital part of marketing strategy is to know where your potential customers are. They are everywhere– in homes, offices, in malls, on social networking sites, and searching on search engines. So your strategy cannot be one. You need to follow multiple ways to reach your varying audiences. Also, while devising a marketing plan, you need to be different from your competitors so that you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your potential audience. Here we are going to discuss 51 retail marketing strategies by experts that you must adopt in order to succeed.

Offline Retail Marketing Strategies

Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing | Image Resource : sweetmarketingsolutions.com/

Offline marketing may seem to be a little backdated, but it is quite effective in terms of imprinting your business image in the minds of the customers. The online marketing field is cluttered with scopes where you can run marketing campaigns, starting from blogs to social media or ad campaigns, etc. But till today, investments in offline marketing offers commendable returns when compared to similar investments in online promotions. Moreover, offline marketing has been quite efficient and successful in generating good results, when it is a local business that you are promoting. Now, when you decide to take up offline marketing you need to know the most effective offline promotional ways to gear up your retail business. Here are some offline marketing strategies for retail businesses by experts.

Vic Anandan is a known management consultant who specializes in technology benchmarking and certifications. He has a profound industry experience and has travelled a lot.

1. Exhibition

It is true that ecommerce has grown to a great extent and today it influences people in quite a distinctive way. However, in spite of that people still love the feeling of touching and feeling the products before buying them. Therefore, you can utilize the local fairs to showcase an exhibition of your products, offering a scope to your customers to relate with the products.

2. Local Newspaper

Local news papers are yet another effective and exclusively popular medium to reach out to your prospective customers. Newspapers easily reach to different corners to a diverse range of demographics and can be utilized as the most effective and strong tool in B2B marketing. Moreover, retail business is required by many people and therefore nothing can be more effective than newspapers which reach out to thousands of people every day.

3. Flyers

Flyers are one of the most appreciated methods of marketing when you need to reach out to your immediate local customers. Flyer marketing is definitely time-consuming and stressful, yet it is useful when you need quick response for your local business.

4. Direct Mail Promotion

Direct Mail Promotion

Direct Mail Promotion | Image Resource : saltlakemailing.com

Instead of fliers the modern day approach to marketing is direct mail to target audience. This helps your business to directly enter to the living your of your targeted customers. It is a way to personally reach the audience and offers higher rate of conversion, in terms of gaining prospective customers.

Michael Glauser is a successful entrepreneur and is the founder of retail, wholesale as well as consultant businesses. The author of Main Street Entrepreneur, Glauser is currently the Executive Director of the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship.

5. Publicity of Business

The market and the media are always eager to hear some interesting stories and facts. Offering such interest articulating facts about your company to local newspaper, radio stations, magazines and television media can help you to bag in some free publicity for your business.

6. Business Endorsements

You can engage prominent and influential personalities to endorse your business as this will create an impact in your locality or city. For this, give away free samples of your product to famous persons of your city. If they use it and spread the good word, it will certainly help promote your business effectively.

7. Trade Association Publications

Almost every industry and trade has its own association which works intricately for the business. Even the publications of magazines from these associations find value amongst the customers, who get ready information about new product launches, and stories about eminent businessmen that will interest people.

Marco Cirillo is a dexterous digital marketer, who is inspired by innovative digital marketing strategies and is currently positioned as the growth hacker in the LeadsBridge. Here we discuss his expert offline conversion tracking strategies.

8. Offline Sales Tracking with Facebook

Facebook offline conversion solution is a comprehensive solution to filter the count of your offline sales from that of online, provided your customer has a Facebook account. In such cases, this unique tracking solution extracts data from the CRM to offer you the exact count sales happened through online portal and at your store.

9. Ad Campaigns for Offline Promotion

Once you know the exact rate of your offline conversion, it becomes easier for you to streamline and focus on particular ad campaigns that are relevant to offline promotions. Besides, you should also consider the fact that some of the physical goods like cars, properties, etc. can be sold offline and therefore, triggering their ad campaigns offline can be pretty helpful.

10. Prospective Leads from Offline Events

With every offline event that you organize to promote your product or service, you get to add more prospective customers into your CRM, and this way it becomes rather easier to initiate an offline conversion process and track your offline sales later.

SEO Marketing Strategy for Retail

SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO Marketing Strategy | Image Resource : marketingpracticality.com/

SEO marketing is one of the most useful ways of promoting your business online. With excessive competition in the retail marketing industry, the need for expert and strategic SEO campaigns to promote your business online is inevitable. Right from making the content of your site user and search engine friendly to being active on the social media platforms, SEO encompasses an extensive range of marketing strategies. Moreover, using different analytical tools, you can streamline your SEO strategies to boost the visibility of your site and business online. Here are some SEO marketing strategies for retail businesses by experts.

Laurynas Skupas is a SEO marketing professional with immense expertise and experience in SEO marketing. He works as a marketer himself and helps in promoting ecommerce businesses.

11. Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing | Image Resource : hillwebcreations.com

The entire SEO marketing in reality revolves around the keywords which directly relate to your business and are accordingly included in your content. Latent Semantic Indexing popularly termed as LSI is one of the latest trends of SEO marketing where the phrases and word closely relevant or related to your main keywords are used for promoting your business site.

12. Keyword-rich, Lengthy Product Descriptions

According to the latest released SERP Data study and SEMRush, it has been revealed that Google ranks the pages with longer product description better. Write a minimum of 100 words for products or category pages. Google ranks web pages according to the rate of value added information that it provides to viewers and this is why it crawls better on long content pages.

13. Click Magnets

Smart tricks in marketing field is a common thing to trigger your conversion rates, and adding click magnets or prefixes to your main keyword is a similar trick in SEO marketing, which can boost your CTR effectively. Some examples of click magnets would be “Cheap”, “Buy” and “30% Off”.

14. Coupon Date Modifier

Those who are looking out to issue online coupons as a method of enhancing their sales program in retail business need to ensure that they also implement a date modifier on the coupon page. This makes sure, that the visitors are able to see the fresh coupons according to the date.

KubixMedia is a pioneer in serving customer with top edge SEO services, complete digital marketing from end to end, and offering best results in minimum time.

15. Adwords & Bing Ads

The clash between Microsoft and Google regarding paid advertising is thankfully over. Both giants have now agreed to sync Adwords with Bing Ads. This is a great blessing for online marketers as with a great API, they can now use their ongoing Adwords campaigns, ad-groups and even ads for marketing on Bing too. So, now there is no need to spend hours on initiating ad campaigns on Bing all over again.

16. HTTPS is a Must

When you are into SEO marketing knowing and following the norms of securing your site surely helps. Therefore, if you are still not aware that Google prefers sites with the latest SSL certifications for secure web browsing, you need buckle up. Chrome being the most popular web browser today, with 45% online user base, Google definitely has the power to tighten its security checks on less secure HTTP sites.

17. Eliminate Technical Barriers

When Google crawls and ranks a site, it prefers sites that follow all the required criteria for high rankings. While content, quality information, and presentations play essential role, technical faults like broken links, missing ALT tags, duplicate meta tags, non-optimized banners and headers, HTML glitches, etc. can spoil the entire rating structure for you. So you surely need to pay attention to all the fine technical details.

Alayna Frankenberry is an efficient and skilled SEO marketer, working in digital marketing domain for years. She believes in improving the SEO marketing campaigns of clients with effective and advanced SEO management.

18. Optimize for Voice Searches

The voice search trend has is growing rapidly with the accuracy level of voice searches now being almost 95% accurate. It is a fact that one out of every five searches on Google Android App in the USA is a voice search. Therefore, starting to optimize even voice searches with steps like calling for Google My Business Listing can help users to locate your retail store’s location on their mobile or desktop.

19. Automated Marketing Campaign

Direct mail automation is known to have high prospective of offering high end ROI. You can essentially personalize your automated mails with recipients name, address etc. However, these mails are extensively informative, offering information about your retail products, new launches, best deals, season sales etc. to all your leads and are expected to result in high conversion.

20. Pricing with Magic 9

In a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, it has been found that when a product is priced with the number 9 at the end, it almost works magic in increasing the sales count. Even when the same product is priced in different prices, the tag with number 9 at end has showed maximum sales count.

Social Media Marketing for Retail

Social Media Marketing For Retail

Social Media Marketing For Retail | Image Resource : intersectionconsulting.com

This age is dedicated to social media as people are extensively engaged in social media with over 2 billion Facebook users. Almost 79% of adults in USA are active users on Facebook. Besides, retail marketing has found a new life in this digital media world and the prospects of retail and ecommerce business are booming. However, trying to mark presence on every social platform is meaningless without knowing your target customers flock. So, identify the most active platforms to connect with them and then plan marketing campaigns prudently. Below are some expert social media marketing ideas and tips by industry specialists.

Katasha Kalonji is the Social Media Marketing Specialists at Fidelitas Developments. A successful social media marketing expert, she handles the complete content development and email marketing of the company as well.

21. Customer Knowledge

Before initiating a firm social media marketing strategy, you need to first understand your customers. You can start a polling system on the social media platform to know about your customer interests, education, and preferences. This helps to build a strong connection between the retailer and the customer.

22. Valuable Posts

The posts that you put of social media platforms must contain valuable content. Valuable content does not only mean information, but creating free, interesting, persuasive, shareable, and eye-catching content. And don’t forget to promote it even if it costs some of your marketing budget.

Constantina Kokenes is a Social Media Content Consultant at Kabbage, and listed here are her views and ideas about marketing moves.

23. Maintain Relations

Once a purchase or a search for a particular product is over, the relation with the customer tends to end. However, as a savvy retail entrepreneur, you can take the initiative to convert the incomplete sales by promoting similar products, similar new launches on the visitor’s social media page, to keep him informed and updated.

24. Video promotion

Video Promotion

Video Promotion | Image Resource : owndigitalsolution.com

Uploading photographs and posts on social media work great, however the reach of videos to promote products is extensive. A video that highlights product uses and features by creating interest can prove to be highly effective since it offers audio visual information. The targeted market for videos is simply huge, and you can’t afford to ignore that today 80 percent buyers watch video clips before doing any purchases. However, NEVER post low-quality video!

25. Instagram & Facebook

Say it on Instagram or on Facebook, there are some influential users who have thousands of followers. Using such influential users as the marketing mode is effective since your brand reaches out to thousands at once, and you get hundreds of shares and likes. Be it on social media or real life, it is word of mouth that makes brands.

26. In Store Experience

You can enhance your in store business by offering your customers special something for sharing of a post related to your store on social channels or tagging your physical location. It could be freebies, photobooths, or something like customer wall. You can also make exclusive innovative changes in your store.

Amy Hobson is a reputed and well established social marketing consultant with SocialB, an expert in B2B and B2C marketing, who loves to share her views and marketing concepts.

27. Solution

Customers have several questions and doubts about a product. You need to sort them and construct your posts accordingly to offer them a solution and support. Even short videos dedicated to how to use your products and troubleshooting can help a lot to promote your company as a supportive and customer friendly company. Twitter hour encouraging your target audience to ask questions is also a great idea.

28. Interesting Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign | Image Resource : businessplusng.com

Invite your customers to share their videos or photographs using your product on your social media page. You can even attract them to do so with reward announcements, for example exclusive discount coupons, in store discounts, gifts, etc., and you can share these videos. This way your customer builds your content and through shares you get to bag in the trust of several other potential customers.

29. Active Response

When you are on social media active responses, attention to every message from your buyers and followers counts a lot. Active responses make them feel special and important, and it also motivates them to stay with you as a consumer.

30. Polls, Reviews & Queries

Staying connected with your customers is essential even in this digital world. You can ask questions about the best features of your products, the favorite product of the week, initiate polls and collect reviews, which will make the consumers feel that their reviews are essential for you. Also, never take customers queries for granted. Reply them and also think of other ways to make them feel important. Being alert to offer immediate, chat or live support on social media is an exclusive way to build trust amongst buyers.

31. Let Customers Know You

Customers are always keen to know people behind the brands they love even in this digital age. You can share interesting videos something like behind the scenes where your team is having fun or doing serious work. You can also introduce your old and new staff on social media pages highlighting their expertise and achievements.

Patricia Marchetti is a leading female entrepreneur with extensive 20 years of experience in marketing. She is a digital marketing consultant who is dexterous in implementing effective social marketing strategies to boost sales and revenue of her clients. She opines that retailers must aim at bridging the gap between the online and offline world if they want to reap profit.

32. Paid Social Media Advertising

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media Paid Advertising | Image Resource : socialmax.org

Though word or mouth, references, brand promotion from influencers works the trick on social media, yet social media paid advertising is important to promote products, new launches, etc. This helps you to create awareness amongst consumers and prospective consumers about the spectrum of your products and collections.

33. Dedicated Social Care Team

As per the renowned Gartner Group, there is about 60% chance of closing a sale with your existing customer as compared to just 5-20% chance in case of a new prospect. So, marketing and social care department must work together. Companies must invest time and money in social care and aim at providing a satisfying and consistent experience to its customers. Offering a dedicated customer care page on social media enhances your sales probability when your existing customers find you to be readily available for assistance.

Regis Crawford is a Social Media marketing strategy developer, who works out social media marketing improvement tools and implementations.

34. Data Strategy

Haphazard promotion of products, new launches, discounts, etc may not be effective until you have a well defined data strategy. Data strategy pertains to the in depth analysis of company goals, essential data to meet company goals, the percentage of existing customers, prospects of business, new customer target etc.

35. Brand and Product

For retail businesses, you can use social media platform more than a sales forefront. It can be effectively used to promote brand awareness, product concepts, brand image and product considerations.

36. Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools | Image Resource : mohawkcollege.ca.libguides.com/

The implementation of social media tools are helpful in extracting marketing data, like augmenting live events, enhancing influencer relationships, sales margins, conversion rates, responses to new posts and shares, etc.

Jimit Bagadia is a digital marketing expert who loves reading blogs and loves to occupy his idle time exploring the realms of marketing strategies.

37. Posting Ads

Posting ads of your products, seasonal sales, new launches, discounted items etc on Instagram or Facebook allows you to reach out to millions of users. These sites charge you a fee annually for posting your business ads.

38. Improve Product Quality

Social media is not only a marketing platform, it can also be used as one of the most effective feedback platform to fetch reviews, know about your competitions and improve your product accordingly.

PPC Marketing Strategy for Retail

The digital marketing spectrum has developed way beyond imagination with voice searches, attribution models, etc. a lot more advanced scopes. In spite of that PPC stands out to offer a broad range of benefit to retailers.

Meghan Parson, a CPC Strategy’s Retail Search Manager and Caroline Diehl, PPC expert shares their experienced views on effective PPC marketing.

39. Artificial Intelligence-Chatbots


Chatbot | Image Resource : ecampusnews.com

You can also use AI or Artificial Intelligence these days as per the experts. Chatbot is one such AI development. It has been an effective AI tool throughout 2016 in offering distinguished support to customers. There are more than 34,000 chatbots on Facebook itself serving 24/7 to customers by responding to their queries. However, there is still not much clarity on how AI can be useful for PPC management.

40. Voice Search

This is the latest industry trend and Google is investing in its voice-activated products (Google Home), after Amazon Echo. People are increasingly using voice-based technologies and companies are rewarding users using this technology. Diehl anticipates that voice search is the future.

41. Image Search

Particularly in image search advertising you tend to get a high end response with Google expanding a comprehensive spectrum of similar products when you search for one. According to Parsons, Google is on its way to promote a new image searching program based on Pinterest’s image search.

42. Attribution & Micro Conversion

Attribution relates to the extensive search journeys commenced by customers before a potential buy. Clicks on multiple ads, journey through different sites and marketing campaigns, price comparisons, product reviews everything encompasses attribution. Thus, the more you go for paid marketing the more chances of users coming by your product ads throughout their journey.

Every site has several scopes for micro conversion before a final conversion, like downloads of PDF, signing up for email campaigns, etc. Therefore, paid marketing comes into the way to influence a customer, before a conversion takes place.

43. YouTube Promotions

Investing in YouTube ads is worth your marketing investment with demand of YouTube rising. Besides, you can gauge the response of the videos with YouTube engagement metrics as well.

Ahmed Chopdat is an experienced PPC specialist since 2007, and promotes and shares the practices required for effective PPC promotions.

44. Merchant Centre Account

You can adhere to the experienced guidance of a PPC expert in setting up your merchant centre account, which is the most essential requirement for PPC marketing and which can be effectively used for Facebook, Google as well as Bing.

45. Understanding KPI


KPI | Image Resource : lerablog.org

You Key Performance Indicator or KPI is the basic requirement to understand your sales requirements, streamline strategies and even for implementation of PPC campaigns. KPI offers you a ROI target to gauge your profitability measurement.

46. PPC Budget

PPC Budget

PPC Budget | Image Resource : inramstechnology.com

Marketing campaigns require investments when you are mainly going for PPC campaigns. Thus, small or big, retail companies need to fix their budget limit at first.

47. Managing Campaigns

It is essential to categorize and break down shopping and marketing campaigns to help your traffic through the right channel. Besides when you manage different accounts, it becomes easier to manage the performance as well.

48. Merchant extensions

With a merchant extension for your ads you can stand apart from the competition when you have other similarly priced completion. However, the new age is setting up for the advanced promotion extensions for PPC campaigns.

49. Manage Seasonal Accounts

Your PPC account which runs throughout the year must not be the same in seasons when you have special attractions in retail offerings. For retailers offering wide spectrum of products, maintaining seasonal PPC accounts are helpful.

50. Bing


Bing | Image Resource : searchengineland.com

Although Bing offers a lower search volume compared to Google, yet study says, its conversion rates are higher. So while initiating PPC campaigns do consider Bing as a platform as well.

51. Effective Ad Copy

Ad copies are the success stone for PPC retail marketing. Offering special offers, USP in your ad, projecting seasonal attractions confirm you a Quality Score. This also enhances the success rate of your PPC campaign.

As seen from the 51 retail marketing strategies by experts, the prospects and scope of retail marketing are extensive and profound whether it is the offline or an online world. However, all you need to do is apply the right marketing strategies based on your business to get best conversion results and ROI. Besides, instead of targeting digital media only for achieving sales offer genuine support to customers, maintain relations with them and work towards creating brand awareness to trigger your overall retail sales.

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