27 January 2018
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51 Real Estate Marketing Strategies By Experts

Running a real estate agency is a pretty tough job, more essentially when you need to attract and convince buyers for a major investment of their life. Property is not a day to day commodity, which can be bought over and over again by everyone, if you don’t like one. This is one of the foremost financial promises and assets for most people. Therefore, when you are dealing in real estate, and you are strategizing a marketing plan, most essentially you need to pivot your focus to appeal to the stringent and distinguished parameters of your target customers.

Here you will come across some of the most effective real estate marketing strategies in order to achieve high- end lead generation, drive traffic to your real estate site, improve Page Rank (PR) of your site, perk up your online visibility, and boost your brand awareness in the real estate market.

Online and Offline Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate | Image Resource : webhopers.com

Along with accentuating demand for real estate, even the edging competition among real estate agents, firms and companies is growing rapidly. In such a scenario, you need to make your online as well as offline presence prominent in order to embark upon the realms of success in this field. Though the importance and need for real estate agents still rings over the market when it comes to closing a deal with their proficient expertise and understanding of properties, yet most buyers initiate their property search online. This is the sole reason why it is high time you take note of your offline as well as online marketing.

Here are some effective online marketing tips for real estate agents from SMB Marketing Verticals.

1. User-Friendly Mobile Responsive Website

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design | Image Resource : steadyrain.com

Your website in real estate dealing stands to be your first impression to a client or customer. Nowadays, search for properties tend to start from real estate agent’s website, so you need to keep it simple, informative as well as well-organized. Mention the types of properties, highlight their key features and specialties clearly, It is best to keep the property listings in the center of the site so that visitors can immediately start their search.

2. Establish Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Online Reputation | Image Resource : digitalready.co

When you seek to establish your reputation online, you essentially need to make use of customer reviews. Since, property deals tend to be one of the lifetime investments for many, customers in most cases develop a relation with their real estate agent so seeking a review from your customers on Facebook, Yelp, Google, or Top Rated Local will make it easier for you to establish your reputation in the online market.

3. Zillow Listing

Zillow has surfaced as one of the top listings and property search platforms. Therefore, making even a free profile on Zillow, listing your properties on it can offer you extensive exposure in the market. Besides if you choose to be a primer agent with paid membership you get the advantage of being listed as per your zip code, and with an effective profile with positive reviews, you can essentially enhance your brand awareness.

4. Retargeting


Retargeting | Image Resource : audiencefinders.com

Retargeting on the customers who have already visited your site, navigated through it with updates of new interesting properties in similar locations as they searched, within their required budget can influence their buy.

5. Specialization

Marking your own specialization in real estate market offers you a competitive edge over your rivals. Specializations like offering property deals for commercial purposes, property management consultation to clients as a response to call to action or offering budget property deals, exclusive apartment deals, etc. can be your particular specializations.

6. Information Hub

Since property dealings involves a huge financial investment people often have lot of vital, trifle as well as potential queries related to property investment, deals, strengths, etc. If you serve to be their information hub offering them guidance, consultation, tips and right direction for heading to achieve successful property deal through blog writings, articles, videos, etc., your reputation as well as trustworthiness will surely become strong. Using tools like Answer the Public can help you to know popular questions in real estate market along with keywords, and accordingly you can streamline topics.

7. Using CRM Software

CRM software helps realtors track and manage everything from one interface. In cases when you have more than one real estate agent managing clients, you can easily know where the communications, deal information, buying process and queries stand with each client. Moreover, knowing all the client contacts, leads of potential customers and the sources of marketing offering you maximum leads, you can also get an insight which deals are prospective of offering successful closing.

JD Esajian the popular face of the flipping houses reality show and the manager of CT Homes LLC as well a national speaker with Fortune Builders Inc.

8. SEO Content

The content of your site plays a vital role in indexing it on the search engines. For this, it needs to be relevant, well researched, and keyword-rich along with useful. While presenting content on your real estate website, you must essentially keep note of using the keywords tactfully in internal links, meta tags as well as title tag.

9. Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence | Image Resource : sproutsocial.com

Your active presence on the social media platform like LinkedIn, Face book, Instagram, and Twitter have the power to connect you to 2.3 billion active social media users across the world. However, indeed you may not require access to all of them, but using the marketing tools you can extract your target market and try accessing them through social media.

Here are some of the useful offline marketing tips beneficial for real estate firms and agents as published on Rebus University website.

10. Door to Door Marketing

Door to Door Marketing

Door to Door Marketing | Image Resource : elmasrya-me.com/

Door to door knocking is rather an inexpensive way of promoting your real estate agency. Though it is no more popular as it used to be, yet out of several other methods it still one of the most inexpensive offline promoting methods.

11. Fliers and pamphlets

Since real estate’s often target local markets in order to promote their local property ventures, issuing flyers and pamphlets can be an effective way to reach various audiences if distributed in local markets, bus stops, stations, and popularly crowded areas.

12. Print Media

Coming to search for properties, people often turn to property magazines, newspapers and daily journals for real estate ads. Now you can make use of these daily print media sources to promote your business and showcase your property deals to a potential mass.

SEO Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

According to the National Association of Realtor’s over 90% of people nowadays initiate their search for a property online. While doing SEO for your real estate agency in order to strengthen your online presence, you essentially need to understand the market trends of SEO. According to experts in the market, almost 70% of the online users prefer knowing about a property from articles rather than advertisements. Again one of the latest SEO marketing trends includes utilizing client reviews to establish a worthwhile reputation over the online market and edge over the growing competition. Again Google is continuously pushing the importance of having a mobile responsive website in its standard.

Tyler Zey is a real estate content manager at Easy Agent Pro, and often shares his exclusive real estate marketing tips through his articles.

13. Keyword Placement

Keywords are the most essential elements when it comes to SEO especially when you seek to rank for certain keywords. When you have your web pages design ready, the placement of the keywords is the next big thing you need to focus on and there are five important areas of a page where you need to place keywords, that is URL, page title, within the page content, image alt tag and title of images.

14. Keyword Synonyms

Google has made its search streamlining process advanced and now it takes into consideration not only exact keywords but also supportive phrases or synonyms of the keywords to offer visitors an extensive experience for their searches.

15. Keyword Density

As per the latest Google assumed standards, the keyword density for any page, article or blog writing essentially needs to be within 1 – 2 % and not more than that. In case you stuff it excessively, Google will start docking you for that.

16. Long Tail keywords

Throughout the search engines, a substantial amount of searches are conducted with long tail keywords. These are essentially not supportive phrases, but long tail keywords, which can bring potential amount of traffic.

17. Insert Google Map

Inserting a Google Map to locate your geographical location and address offers you a better position to grab the attention of big search engines like Google. Google definitely counts on these maps to gauge legitimacy of your business, to locate your business as well as provide visitors with specific information.

18. One Click Dial Phone Number

Your business contact information on your web portal is a vital factor which determines your legitimacy, offers visitors to contact you directly and enhances the scope for potential conversions. Google uses the phone number on your web site to verify and list all your business listings across the web. However, the format in which you present the phone contact number is also important. Again using parenthesis or dash to write phone number format makes it a one click dialing number for web browsers and they can directly call you.

19. Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal Linking | Image Resource : searchenginejournal.com

This enables viewers to obtain more information on particular keyword. The keywords that you use in an article can redirect users to your website directly or you can also make it all the more informative for your viewers by driving the traffic to another write up on the same keyword or similar keyword.

20. Consistency in Linking pages

There is extensive competition out there for every keyword. So if you target a page to be indexed for a particular keyword, say for example, LA Homes, you should be consistent in using this similar text for that particular page instead of trying another text like Houses in Los Angeles, which might confuse search engines.

Kristi Kellogg is a successful social media editor whose professional marketing strategies are found even in professional marketing books like Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals.

21. Target Local keyword Phrases

When you are dealing in real estate, local market plays a vital role. Say for example you want to market for properties in LA, then you need to use the specific target location LA with your keyword for effective SEO. As per a survey, it has been revealed that 69% of home shoppers start their search for a property with local location based keywords. Making your website a resource about a particular location giving information of schools, hospitals, transport, market, and locality as such can be all the more lucrative and interesting for those seeking for a property in that specific area.

22. Photos and Videos

Photos and video demonstration of properties attract key engagement on websites and are known to drive potential and prospective traffic. These can be utilized for showcasing testimonials for satisfied clients with their property, which will make a positive note for your reputation.

23. Build a Professional Bio on Broker’s Page

Though, bio do not essentially rank for a targeted keyword, yet it is definitely a page worth optimizing. This can be effective to promote yourself, as an efficient, successful and reliable realtor.

Mallie Blue is a renowned Marketing Media Company which offers extensive marketing management services and consultancy.

24. Clean URL

While designing your website you also need to pay heed to your web pages URLs. Google directly streamlines clearer and more specific URL instead of URL, which does not clarify their subject. Even if you have already designed and structured your URL, you need to stick to them, instead of experimenting and confusing the search engines.

25. Monitor Site Speed

Managing the speed of your site, starting from the website loading to navigation speed all counts when Google indexes and ranks sites. Therefore, you need to aim for a site that loads within 3 seconds and to gauge your speed you can try out Pingdom. You can also avoid auto slide shows to display your property projects, since they effectively slow down the process of going through the properties; instead try incorporating simple next button.

Amy Boggart is a professionally well established content marketing expert sharing her marketing strategies for those exploring scopes in real estate business.

26. Insert Online Tools in Site

Including a tool like Dr. Calculator, which is a mortgage calculator, offers potential help to the visitors when they seek to calculate their mortgage estimation based on a property. This automatically improves the visitors experience on your site as well as pushes your site for organic visibility.

27. Aligning with Respected Publishers and Influential Sites

Informative and quality content is always valued by Google, and if you can align with a high-end publisher who is well-known in the real estate industry, you can access the brims of higher visibility and become a brand in your niche. Again, even retargeting to visitors who have already visited your site, through ads, in other real estate relevant sites also helps to push your visibility over the net.

Gloria Kopp is the author of Studyemic and writes for known sites like Huffingtonpost. She is a successful digital marketer and business consultant with remarkable understanding of SEO marketing.

28. Size of Content

When you aim for a valuable return out of your posts, like sustained traffic, good ranking, link building you need to go long write up, essentially around 1000 words or more than that. Shorter articles hardly influence your SEO marketing.

29. On the Go Writing

It often happens that you write and submit posts while you are planning to be out of work for a couple of days. However, these on the go writing in most cases fail to stand up to the regular standards of quality writing and as a result of that while loyal readers may still stick to your blogs, new visitors may never return.

30. Content Headline

The topic, forte, keyword you choose to write may be attempted by thousands others, and you are definitely under the stress of a tough competition, however an interest articulating and catchy headline can work great to attract more readers for your posts.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Real Estate | Image Resource : slideshare.net/

Quite impressively Facebook and Instagram seem to have made the world smaller. Today, communication and connection both seem to be revolving around the popular social media platforms. It is a fact that almost 4.2 billion clicks are done by Instagram users every day, which means out of the 700 billion active users, you can reach out to a potential percentage every day.

Jenn Chen is a well known SF based digital strategist and writer. She understands the trends of marketing on social media and shares her expert tips for marketing on social media through her writings.

31. Enable Reviews and Services on Social Media

Utilizing your Facebook page, for example, to reach out to the market is one of the smartest ways of marketing. Not only for promotion but you can use this platform also for offering help, so you can enable both services and reviews on this page. This way, customers can even book an appointment with you, from Facebook.

32. Facebook group linking

Linking Facebook group with the Facebook page is one of the latest features which you can take advantage of as well. Enabling and linking Facebook group to the page is a good way to navigate through this social media platform’s algorithm. Besides, the users can also discuss about properties and help each through the buying process.

33. Facebook Cover Video

Facebook Cover Video

Facebook Cover Video | Image Resource : laconicplus.com/

You must have commonly used a cover image, but here is a different tip. Initiate a cover video, which is one of the new features with Facebook and readily grab the attention and interest of any who lands up on your page, as the video will automatically start playing.

34. Going Live on Spot at a Property

In real estate business, you can readily catch the attention of buyers if you can go live when you are at a property. This will let the viewers feel like getting the inside scoop of a deal still not high in the listing. For this you can use the Facebook Live for Business and get advantage on Facebok feeds as well.

35. Messenger Chatbot

Often it happens that you get quite similar type of queries and questions to answer in Facebook. Instead of repetitively answering all those questions you can also make use of Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

36. Integrate Twitter keyword Searches

Marketing campaigns are dedicated to conversions, traffic and lead generations besides ranking on Google, and for your lead generation you can effectively make use of Twitter keywords which you can set as alert. Whenever anyone searches for properties or shows interest in selling with particular keyword, you will get alert and accordingly you can streamline your targets.

37. Local Event Sponsoring

It’s a great way of reaching out to your customers by sponsoring events, as this way you can readily grab the attention of local community followers.

Jumpcrews is a prominent name in the marketing industry and shares some of the fundamental keys to acquire success in real estate social media marketing here.

38. Meaningful and value added post

The main reason why people use social media is for entertainment and engaging their idle hours. You need to offer them interesting posts instead of pinning them constantly with marketing advertisements. This may do just the opposite of what you want. If you want followers and customer base, you need to cling on to the 80/20 rule; according to which 80% of your posts should be relevant to your target audience’s interests. Rest 20 % can be about your business.

39. Use Channels that Clients Follow

There are several social media platforms, and many realtors believe that having an active presence on all social media platforms will bring bright results to their marketing campaigns. As per the survey record of Pew Research center, almost 79% of the adults in US use Facebook, while 32% of them have been reported to be active on Instagram and 24% for Twitter. So, the truth is that instead of focusing on all platforms focus on the popular two-three social media platforms.

40. Research and Respond

Just building a page or starting a group may not work initially. All you need to do is look for users on the platform taking interest in real estate, buying or selling properties, mentioning you or any competitor.

PPC Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

PPC Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

PPC Marketing Strategies | Image Resource : pinterest.com

PPC or Search Engine marketing (SEM) is one of the smart ways to yield responses from marketing campaigns. PPC campaigns allow you to control and manage your marketing yield with a small investment. Google offers three distinctive PPC campaign options that are Search network, Display Network and a combination of both. Whichever you choose, you need to implement strategic moves to get the best out of your investment. Statistics reveal positive results for real estate as this industry experiences high conversions from paid advertising.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. is a Manila-based that caters to offshore IT and SEO outsourcing requirements. They offer complete digital marketing solutions by following white label practices. The Truelogic Content Team has brilliant professionals working on marketing strategy improvement for years.

41. Desktop Paid Ads

AdWords is the most successful ad platform for both display and network ads and have successfully shown impressive results over years and stands to be the most sought after platform in PPC marketing. Starting your ad campaign with AdWords can definitely ring your conversion rate counts.

42. Mobile Paid Ads

Mobile ranks to be the second most popular digital media for marketing a business. As you spend bucks for paid ads on desktop, similarly you must also pay heed to promote your real estate agency with mobile ads as well.

Quinlan is a PPC specialist with REW PPC team and helps clients meet their marketing goals.

43. Remarketing Lists with Search Ads

Filtering your remarketing list, you can actively utilize it more approaching the visitors who have earlier visited you. Apart from Google’s Display Network, you can also make use of Google’s Search Network for creating complex ad designs and specifically retarget to audiences.

44. Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is effectively popular for lead generation, and with the latest Facebook Ad tool, you can implement lead ads for your business on Facebook. These ads are helpful to generate leads for your real estate business.

45. Improved Attribution Modeling

Implementing data driven attribution models helps you gain better credit distribution across ads instead of just tracking your last clicked ad. Moreover, advanced attribution model helps you to strategize your PPC ad campaign in a streamlined way.

Andrew Warren is an expert eCommerce PPC Strategists working with DisruptiveAdvertising.

46. Search Strategy

PPC campaign or any marketing approach, starts with a thorough and well illustrated market search. You need to know your market, the locality. If it’s a huge metropolitan area, you can categorically divide it into sub areas to promote the campaigns.

47. The Platform

PPC campaigns aim for generating leads, however for that you need constant follow up on your potential targets, streamline platforms, which can offer you MLS listings, create custom landing pages and searches, and capture leads.

48. Selecting Active Platforms

Now once you have taken up the lead generation aim, you need to look for particularly real estate lead platforms. There are some which create pop ups for users, while they start scrolling with properties, asking for their email before they can proceed any further. This creates high end lead listing.

49. Follow Up

When you pay for PPC campaigns to get leads, you essentially don’t let them stack and pile just like that. Instead you need to initiate active follow up campaigns like email drip campaign to push the leads for appointments, further discussion on new property deals, etc.

Fujisan Marketing is into digital marketing, SEO, PPC services and more. They believe in creating a custom campaign as per every client’s business needs.

50. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions offer you more space to showcase your product variety, services just beneath your main ad, at no extra cost. When you take more space on a page, it becomes more likely that you will engage more eyeballs.

51. Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions | Image Resource : youtube.com

These are typified extensions elaborating your edge over other similar products or services. Getting a call out extension offers viewers to have a deeper insight of your services.

Thus, since marketing campaigns nowadays are no more restricted to just print media sources, you need to have proficient understanding and undergo sufficient research work on the scopes and opportunities of different marketing strategies on digital media as well to get faster conversion for your real estate business and of course better ROI. Again, since not every property is meant for everyone, and there is a specific market for each property, accordingly you need to sketch your marketing plan.

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