8 January 2018
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51 B2B Marketing Strategies From Experts

In the field of business marketing, the strategies we apply hold great importance. The implementation of the right strategies plays a huge role in determining the number of clients and customers a company has, and the future of a company significantly depends on this.

Business marketing is quite an agile field, and hence if you want to stay in the competition, you need to use the right tactics. This is where the B2B marketing strategies from the experts can help. Even though, there is no dearth of B2B marketing strategies, it is vital to understand which ones fit in your scenario and the right time to apply them. So, take a quick look at 51 B2B marketing strategies by experts that can help you in increasing sales and ROI (return on investment).

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing | Image Resource : contentmender.com

Dan Scalco is a highly experienced digital marketing expert, and he is also the founder of Digitalux. He has helped and guided hundreds of businesses to maximize sales and increase leads. Listed below are some of his B2B marketing strategies.

1. Gather feedback– Yes, before you come up with a B2B marketing plan for your company, it is crucial to get feedback from your target demographic. Once you have collected feedback from the market, it will be easier for you to churn out effective and efficient marketing campaigns. Online surveys can be quite useful in this regard.

2. Create explainer videos– In today’s times, photos and videos have become more effective forms of information sharing in a creative way. So, what you can do is create an explainer video, which should provide information about the positive and interesting aspects of your products or service. Informing your potential audience through an explainer video is far more effective than other mediums.

Explainer Video

Explainer Video | Image Resource : transpixelstudio.com

3. Build goals– If you want to keep yourself motivated and going then it is highly important for you to create goals and tough milestones. If you do not set business goals for your company to achieve, chances are high that your marketing campaigns will get lost in the middle. So, once you have fixed the goals, it would become easier for you to focus.

4. Understand the psyche of your audience – When it comes to targeting your audience, most of the B2B marketers do not pay heed to the importance of narrowing down the audience. In this regard, the method of “hyper-targeting” can be highly effective. Getting into the mindset of your target market is the key here.

5. Extend your marketing funnel– If you compare the purchasing process related to B2B with that of B2C, you will always find that the process is quite lengthier in the case of B2B. No doubt, in the case of B2B, a lot of steps are involved when it comes to purchasing a product or availing a service. Likewise, budget allocation and approval also takes time. So, in order to keep your potential customers glued to your product/service offer educational content, host web seminars, etc.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel | Image Resource : moz.com

Wendy Marx is the president of Marx Communications, which is basically a PR agency that helps B2B organizations attract more business. Wendy is known for his smart B2B marketing strategies and his leadership quality as well.

6. Use testimonials effectively – Even in case of the B2B market; the buyers pay a lot of attention to what the other buyers/companies have shared about a particular product or service. If you want to win the trust of your target audience, you must come up with customer testimonials, which can act as recommendations for your potential buyers.

7. Formulate a reward program– Companies must formulate a program that will instigate its customers to take their marketing efforts forward. This program should be such where happy customers are given reward points for participating in company’s marketing initiatives. This will make your brand more popular. The company needs to find and engage prospective advocates on various social media platforms to project your brand positively. Company employees can also be involved in such programs.

8. Join the online community– There are various online platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, where you can find your potential customers interacting and sharing views. Figure out such platforms and get into the conversation. You can also create your own online forum where your potential and existing customers can share their opinions and feedback. This feedback can give the business a right direction to work on.

Online Communities

Online Communities | Image Resource : edtechreview.in

9. Don’t underestimate case studies– Case studies can also influence the purchasing behaviour of your potential customers, just like the testimonials. You can post a few case studies on your websites or on online social media platform. Likewise, you can also send them via email to potential clients. Combining case studies with subtle marketing materials can be a good way of promoting your brand.

10. Take advantage of Facebook Live– There is no doubt that the Facebook Live feature has turned out to be a huge success. As a matter of fact, when compared to posts on Facebook, the Live feature attracts 10 times more comments from the Facebook users. In addition, it has also been found that live videos are quite effective when it comes to organizing Webinars, Educational or FAQ sessions, Live Industry Events, etc. So, the use of Facebook Live for B2B marketing can be really helpful.

FB Live

Facebook Live | Image Resource : socialsamosa.com

11. Use interactive newsletters– Email marketing is no doubt an excellent and effective method of reaching your targeted customers. Newsletters via email can be very much useful in communicating about your business. You can include surveys, video downloads, contests, feedback requests, etc. in your newsletters. In this way, you will be able to interact with your potential clients more effectively.

12. Creating groups for customers– You can come up with groups for your B2B buyers, which will help you know their views. It will enable you to know and understand your B2B buyers in a much better way. Likewise, your B2B buyers will also get a platform to know more about your brand and products/services. So, it is like a two-way communication avenue.

13. Pay attention to personal branding– Gone are the days when marketers used to focus more on enhancing the brand value of the company. Nowadays, it has become essential to make people familiar with the people behind the brand. Social media is certainly playing a big role in this regard. Company events also give a perfect opportunity for personal branding.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding | Image Resource : elearninginfographics.com

14. Go for up selling– When you sell something to your B2B buyers, you should never consider it as the end of the line. In this case, you need to aim at providing an excellent opportunity to your customer to upgrade a product. The offer has to be so enticing that it becomes quite difficult for your customer to ignore the same. In this way, you will be able to make loyal customers too.

15. Create referral program– Word of mouth is always an effective way to increase the popularity of your brand. This is the reason why most of the B2B marketing strategies recommend making use of referral program, which can also improve the sales figure of your company. So, do not forget to create intelligent referral programs.

16. Use influencer marketing– Without any doubt, influencer marketing is one of the trending marketing strategies of the present time. In this strategy, the focus is more on the users who possess the ability or power to influence the masses. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are filled with such individuals who are followed by thousands of users.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing | Image Resource : parkerwhite.com

17. Personalize content using user data– This B2B marketing strategy is about writing blogs or any other content by utilizing users’ data like demographic data, such as age, gender, and career of the target audience. This makes content more meaningful for the audience. Example, writing blogs addressing concerns of females above 40, if that is one of your audience segments.

18. Focus on specific niche while marketing– When selecting your target audience for B2B marketing, you have to be very specific about whom you target while communicating your marketing message. Focusing on the correct niche will provide you more response for sure as compared to a generic approach.

Nicole Kohler is working as a Web Content Strategist for WebpageFX, and she thoroughly enjoys her role as a B2B marketing strategist. She has deep knowledge of social media, SEO, and latest trends in B2B marketing.

19. Go for native advertising– Local or native promotion is definitely helpful when it comes to targeting your B2B customers. In this regard, the use of Facebook ads is not just limited to B2C marketing, but B2B as well.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising | Image Resource : exactdrive.com

20. Make use of display advertising– Display always works in the case of marketing. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are some of the really exciting places where display advertising has become a major B2B marketing strategy. In addition, you can also seek help from Google’s display network.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising | Image Resource : dsim.in

21. Try guest blogging– Guest blogging is a great tool if you do it the right way. All you need to keep in mind while writing a blog post is that it should be useful, informational, and relevant to your audience. Putting highly valuable content in front of an audience that is already an established one can surely be quite effective.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging | Image Resource : visual.ly

22. Go for sponsored social posts – Creating and posting content on social media is not enough. Sponsored posts are very effective as they are displayed in users’ feed with organic content. This is a good way to promote your organic social media content and reach a wider audience. In this way, you will also be able to get more traffic as well as conversions for your posts.

23. Stay updated about marketing trends– There are plenty of things in the B2B marketing arena which are not quite useful and relevant. For this reason, it is important to stay in touch with the latest trends, which in turn will make you more informed and capable.

24. Use marketing automation tools– If you are planning to take your marketing campaign to a higher level, you can make use of marketing automation tools. For example, bulk SMS and email sending software can make your B2B marketing much more agile.

25. Go after c-suite marketing– When targeting your clients; do focus on c-suite or c-level executives who are the actual decision makers in every company. Remember, that the high-level executives value trustworthy business relationships so build their trust to begin with if you want to get high returns on your marketing investments.

C-Suite Marketing

C-Suite Marketing | Image Resource : marketingprofs.com

26. Focus on high quality content – It is quite true that content marketing is still counted among the best marketing strategies. You can use high-quality eBooks, video courses and emails judiciously to make your target audience aware and to build business connections. Also, focus on addressing buyer issues and problems through these. This also helps in generating leads.

27. Make your website responsive– Even in the case of B2B marketing, the use of mobile phone and apps cannot be ruled out. Nowadays, more and more clients are using mobile devices in order to add more agility to the process of buying products/services. So, making your business website a responsive one is quite important.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design | Image Resource : visual.ly

28. Get Mobile Apps– It is no secret that mobile apps have become quite useful nowadays, particularly if you want to expand the reach of your business. With the help of mobile apps, you can extend your offerings to the wide audience of mobile users.

Marcus Taylor is the founder of Venture Harbour, which came into existence in the year 2012. He has innate passion for web development, and his skills related to online marketing are also quite commendable.

29. Follow landing page strategies diligently – A lot of marketing companies give more focus on generating traffic, and less attention to the quality of landing pages. The conversion rate of your B2B marketing depends a lot on the effectiveness of the landing page. Create separate landing pages according to varying conversion goals, user segments, etc. Don’t beat around the bush and avoid unnecessary distractions. Most, importantly, don’t forget to optimize conversion forms. Also, try to gain trust by displaying awards, reviews and testimonials. Also minimize loading time and use effective call to actions.

30. Do organic search marketing– It is absolutely true that organic search marketing is a highly effective B2B marketing strategy, especially from long run perspective. Hence, do not forget to get your website optimized properly by people who know their job well.

31. Utilize social media effectively– Yes, many people believe that social media is good only for B2C marketing purpose. However, things have changed, and in the present time, good amount of B2B leads can be generated with the help of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media

Social Media | Image Resource : marketingland.com

32. Combine multiple marketing tactics– One of the biggest mistake of B2B marketing campaign is that people stop working hard after they implement a few strategies. But, the best marketers use different marketing tactics together prudently, which in turn leads to better lead generation.

Hendrik Jan Francke is a very bright professional in the field of B2B marketing and he is the key strategist of Bright Orange Thread. His B2B marketing strategies have helped numerous companies achieve their business goals.

33. Give your target audience a reason to trust you– In every business, it is important to instil a feeling of trust among your potential customers. In the online market, trust can be gained through informative content, smartly designed web pages, attractive call to action, and clear details of your contact. Most importantly, address your audience’s problems.

Target Audience

Target Audience | Image Resource : coxblue.com

34. Speak your customer’s language– In order to address your customer’s concerns; you first need to learn to speak in their language and style. In this way, you will be able to minimize the friction with your B2B audience. For example, Americans like being addressed by first name while Germans prefer being addressed formally with Mr. Last Name.

35. Make realistic promises– We have often seen that a lot of companies make use of clickbait in order to attract more B2B audiences and don’t take what they promise their audience seriously. They don’t realise that if you fail to deliver what you promise, you will surely ruin the reputation of your brand, and you will most certainly lose customers.

36. Keep your audience interested– Messages related to marketing strategies should not be boring; you need to come up with content that is intriguing to your B2B audience. Recycling the same old content might not deliver impressive results.

Sujan Patel is a highly motivated marketing strategist; and he is also the co-founder of Web Profits. His company has helped a lot of organizations to reap the benefits of B2B marketing strategies. Here are a few strategies by various company heads and other high-profile entrepreneurs that Sujan Patel has compiled in an article titled ‘25 B2B Marketing Strategies You Probably Haven’t Tried’

37. Send gifts– When it comes to building business relationship, gifts can really work like a charm. You can send some small gifts to your new B2B buyers, so that they feel more interested in continuing business relationship with your company. However, you should not expect anything in return. (– Bill Widmer, Ecommerce Content Marketing expert)


Gifts | Image Resource : rmmagazine.com

38. Consider sending handwritten notes– In today’s digital world, handwritten notes are no less than a precious gift. You can send handwritten notes to your B2B clients and even to your team members, as it will make them feel more connected to your company. Plus, it will also make your approach different in today’s monotonous marketing environment. (Christopher Kelly, writing for Tech.co)

39. Tap into niche communities– Instead of focusing just on the major resources like LinkedIn, you can aim at leveraging niche communities. For example, Reddit is one such platform where one can easily find well-established communities; you simply have to find a relevant sub-reddit and start communicating with your potential B2B clients. (Ross Simmonds, Digital Strategist @ Foundation Marketing)

40. Organize an awards night– It is always good to reward people for their hard work. It not only motivates them to work harder, but also win their trust and loyalty. It further strengthens the the company’s brand value. In this way, you will be able to impress and inspire more number of B2B clients. (– Sweta Patel, Director of Demand Generation @ Cognoa)

41. Sell products via live video– When you sell products via live videos, in real time, it certainly creates more buzz in the B2B market. The experience you and your clients would get through this method will be more entertaining and engaging for sure.( – Rob Wormley, CMO & Co-Founder @ Climb)

Live Video

Live Video | Image Resource : news.northeastern.edu

42. Meet in person– When it comes to building trust and finalizing deals then a face-to-face meeting or even a phone call works way better than exchanging emails. So, you can simply short-list your potential B2B clients and try to meet in person with them, one at a time.( – Will Blunt, Founder of Blogger Sidekick)

43. Thank your clients– Showing your gratitude towards your clients can generate fruitful results. You can come up with creative ways in order to thank your clients; it can be gifts, VIP programs, discount vouchers, etc. Do not forget to add a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note. (– Ed Zitron, CEO of EZ-PR.com, writing for Inc.)

44. Introduce your employees– When you maintain good level of transparency with your B2B clients then it becomes easier for them to trust you. In this regard, you can come up with an interesting video or online portfolio showcasing your employees and their role in your office. ( -Margaret Austin, writing for B2B News Network)

Elizabeth Harr is a well-established entrepreneur. She is a professional with good amount of experience in the field of brand management, strategic planning, and communications. She is also one of the executives at Hinge.

45. Outsource your marketing program– Marketing is an art and it also needs good amount of experience. For this reason, if you are not too confident in this department, it is better to outsource your marketing campaign to a reliable, reputed, and efficient B2B marketing company. In this way, you will be able to focus on other areas of your company.

46. Automate your marketing process– There are certain aspects of your marketing that you must automate in today’s time; such as, lead generation is one such department that can be automated. It will help you save a lot of time for sure.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation | Image Resource : abstraktmg.com

47. Create a separate sub-brand– If you are launching a new range of product or service then it would be better to come up with a sub-brand, which will make it easier for you to venture into the new market segment without affecting your current brand. For this reason, several companies with established brands have sub-brands under one parent brand.

48. Make your company’s expertise visible: You may sell a whole gamut of services yet your company might have expertise in few services. People choose the company from where they buy based on its expertise apart from other factors. Expertise is one of their top decisive factors. Now since expertise is invisible, you need to make your potential customers experience it. They must trust you and your expertise.

Anja Skrba is working as a Content Development Manager in First Site Guide, which is basically an educational website. She has good amount of knowledge in creating online presence, which is quite essential for B2B marketing.

49. Don’t forget SEO– Even if you have created a very informational and interesting blog for your B2B clients, you still need to optimize it properly. In case you do not have technical knowledge of site optimization, you can seek professional help. Getting your website optimized will enhance its visibility among your target audience.

Suzanne is an experienced marketing consultant working independently. She is also taking care of product advertising at Lead Guerrilla and 1CRM.

50. Team up your sales and marketing department– In order to make sure your sales team and marketing team do not end up delivering different messages, it is vital to put them under the same roof. In this way, your company will be able to make optimum utilization of B2B marketing leads.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing | Image Resource : linkedin.com

51. Be Consistent– Yes, consistency is absolutely essential in maintaining the momentum of your B2B marketing campaign. Being inconsistent with your marketing campaign will not only waste your money and resources, but it will also affect your company’s brand image.

So, those were the 51 B2B Marketing Strategies that can completely transform your business. Now, it is up to you to pick up the most suitable ones for your business and implement them correctly.

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