23 January 2018
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 51 Apps Marketing Strategies from Experts

The advancement of mobile apps has simplified a lot of things in the world of business. In fact, apps have revolutionised the way companies sell their products and services to a wide number of potential customers. So, having a mobile app can definitely provide a number of advantages to businesses. This is the reason why app marketing has become so important these days.

App Marketing Strategies

App Marketing Strategies | Image Resource : slideshare.net

In the present time, mobile apps are no more considered as standalone platforms. Their integration into the core strategies of a business has become more viable. Since the number of mobile users is increasing at a rapid pace, therefore it has become imperative for the businesses to cash in the opportunity. But, having a mobile app is not enough these days. You also need to develop sound marketing strategies related to your mobile app.

Gone are the days when companies used to get their mobile app developed and then used to promote it via conventional marketing channels. Today, the world of mobile apps has exploded, and companies cannot take the risk of promoting their app via same traditional marketing channels. Now they need to focus on app marketing that has its own unique strategies and rules. Here are 51 mobile marketing strategies by experts.

Offline App Marketing Strategies

Promoting a mobile app in the offline world is not as easy as doing the same in the online arena. On the online platform, there are many ways to promote your app, such as blogs, social media, website, YouTube, etc. Plus, it is quite cheap as well. Nevertheless, the conversion rates related to online marketing are really low, and the time involved is high too. On the other hand, offline techniques of promotions are still in vogue, and they are effective too. All you have do is channelize the marketing properly. Even though offline methods of app marketing are somewhat expensive, but these strategies can be quite useful if you are looking to target specific niches or areas.

Ambuj Tayal has done Chemical Engineering from IIT, Roorkee. He has provided consultancy to various global technology leaders, such as Infosys, Fiserv and Xchanging in India.

1. Testimonials Really Work

No doubt, testimonials are always effective in knowing about the viewpoint of your potential and even existing customers. So, first of all you need to ask your present clients or customers for written feedbacks. These feedbacks can be uploaded on your website. The feedback can also be used for enhancing the performance of your mobile app. To take it further, you can call up your clients and ask for their feedback.

2. Try street marketing

In this regard, you can consider the idea of distributing informative and interesting pamphlets at strategic regions, such as shopping complexes, niche shops, office complexes, tech conferences, etc. If your business app is more focused on the local customers then street marketing is the right method for you.

3. Flyers are effective

Apart from pamphlets, you can also get one-page flyers printed. There are dozens of formats available online, and you do not have to spend a lot on the designing part. This offline strategy is quite effective if you are planning to target niche audience.

4. Advertise on your car

Advertise On Car

Advertise On Car | Image Resource :  titanwebmarketingsolutions.com

Yes, you can turn your car into a mobile advertisement platform. Even though this method of offline marketing was initially used by the taxi companies, but nowadays even the small scale businesses have started utilizing its advantages. It is an excellent way to show off your mobile app.

5. Sponsor a local sports team

This marketing method is basically a part of strategies involving local community exposure. Sports are always considered a good platform for marketing and promotions. If you want to popularize your mobile app in a small period of time, go for this strategy. Plus, this method is also effective for creating brand loyalty.

6. Offer your mobile app as a prize

When you sponsor a local event; be it a festival or a sport event, in both the case you can offer your mobile app’s subscription or its services for free to the winners. If your mobile app is for selling goods, you can offer discount vouchers too.

7. Use the local media

Local Media

Local Media | Image Resource : theconversation.com

No doubt, print media has always proved to be an excellent platform for promotions. You can get in touch with the local newspapers as well as magazines, and avail their ads services to spread the popularity of your mobile app.

Hugh Kimura is the founder of Trading Heroes, and he has helped a lot of small and midsized companies in finding the right trading platform for them.

8. Launch party

Yes, launch parties on a local level can work wonders. Everybody loves a bit of fun around, and when you throw a launch party for your local audience, your mobile app will surely get a lot of exposure.

9. Join community organizations

On the local level, the community organizations usually have a good reputation among the public. So, when your brand becomes a part of such an organization, you are able to reach your potential audience in an effective way. You can offer your paid mobile app for free to the members of the community.

10. Marketing with T-shirts

Coming up with an interested design that can be printed on t-shirts can be an excellent offline marketing tool. You can get something designed related to your mobile app and distribute the t-shirts for free among your potential audience.

11. QR Codes

There is no doubt that QR codes are slowly getting more and more popular among the consumers. All you have to do is create QR codes, and there are number of free service providers available in this regard. Using QR codes for promotional reasons can be really effective.

12. Stickers

Stickers have always been a cheap method of marketing. But, you must make sure the sticker designed for your mobile app’s promotion should look “cool”. Stickers that can be pasted on the back of a car are more effective for marketing purposes.

13. Business cards

The charm of business cards never fades out. If you get a smart looking business card designed for your mobile app, you can share them during local events, at restaurants, and among the local club members as well. There are a lot of websites available where you can get your business card designed for free.

14. Make use of traditional media

Traditional Media

Traditional Media | Image Resource : mindecology.com

Traditional media platforms like radio and television can be a bit expensive. But, if you spend a little time on finding the unused ad spots, you can get your mobile app promoted easily, without making a hole in your wallet.

Jane Freeman is a freelance content marketing professional based in the UK and has worked on a number of projects.

15. Dole out gifts and cards on holidays

During the holidays, people are usually in a good mood; and, when you offer gifts and well-designed cards to your potential or existing customers, it certainly gives an impression that you really care about them. You may also donate something to charity, which in turn will surely create a strong brand image for your mobile app.

16. Speak to journalists

You can contact a few relevant journalists and try to meet them in person. A small discussion with them can help your mobile app to earn a little space on the local newspapers or magazines.

17. Billboards


Billboards | Image Resource : bartush.com

Yes, billboard form of advertising is a bit expensive; but, if you are really focused on getting the attention through outdoor marketing then billboards can really deliver good results. You can get an interesting billboard ad designed for your mobile app.

18. Look for advice

Asking for advice is also a good way to promote your mobile app. You can pick a few shopping malls, restaurants, and other public areas, and ask some audiences about what they think about the mobile app your company is providing.

19. Trade shows

Without any doubt, trade shows are very effective as a platform to showcase your product/service. You can go for the tradeshows that attract a good number of audience. But, before you participate in a trade show or even decide to attend it, you must make your aim very clear.

20. Utilize vacant spaces

You can make use of a vacant space, particularly for a small period of time. Improving the setting of a local area by putting on your shop can be good way to grab the attention of the local audience for your mobile app.

SEO Marketing Strategies For Mobile App

SEO Marketing Strategies For Mobile App

SEO Marketing Strategies | Image Resource : mobileappz.in/

Few years ago, SEO or search engine optimization was only for the websites. However, in the present time, SEO techniques have made their way into the world of mobile apps too. Hence, for the owners of mobile apps it has become important to get their mobile apps indexed properly. Since most of the Google searches are being done through mobile devices these days, therefore it is vital to focus on making websites and apps more optimized. Using the right SEO strategies, you can also add more momentum to the marketing of your mobile app.

Marcus Kay is the founder of Meatti, and being a tech entrepreneur, his experience in the field of mobile app and its development is quite impressive.

21. App name and keyword

In the title of your app, if you make use of the right keywords, it can boost the ranking of your mobile app by up to 10.3 percent. Both Apple and Google’s search algorithm look for keywords in the name of the app. So, do not forget to add keywords in the app’s title. You can check out the name of some of the most popular apps to get more idea about the format. Like we know, only 30 characters are allowed by iOS App Store for naming your mobile app. On the other hand, it is 50 characters in the case of Google Play Store. So, you must utilize the characters smartly.

22. App subtitle

If you are developing app for iOS App Store, you can also make use of the 30 characters provided for app subtitle. You can include some more keywords here, and enhance the visibility of your app.

23. App description

When you write a description for your mobile app, make sure it is informative, useful, and catchy right from the first sentence. Plus, do not make it too long, as it can draw away the mobile user. Highlight the uniqueness of your app. In the expanded description, make use of bullet points.

24. App icon

Coming up with a design that can instantly grab eyeballs is quite important. But, the design has to be simple as well. Do take into account the background of interface where your app’s icon will appear in Google PlayStore and iOS App Store. An impressive icon is absolutely vital.

25. App store keywords

Once you have the right set of keywords for your app, you need to pick the right strategy for making optimum utilization of the keywords. This can be done with the help of keyword research tools. Through these tools, you can know about the difficulties and popularities associated with the set of keywords you have.

26. In-App purchases (IAP)

Both Google and Apple perform the indexing of the names of IAP in their respective app search store. If you want to enhance the exposure of your mobile app in the search result then you must be creative and smart with the use of keywords related to your IAP.

27. App screenshot

As per StoreMaven, almost 60 percent of mobile device users would not check out more than two screenshot images. So, it is vital to ensure the first two screenshots selected by you are useful and informative.

28. App preview video

Even though creating a video is not an easy task, but if you come up with one, it can enhance the install rates of your mobile app by more than 20 percent. If you want to create one, make sure the first 5 seconds are attention grabbing.

29. App store ratings

We all know that ratings and reviews always play an important role in influencing the purchasing behaviour of customers. So, if your mobile app has earned an average rating of 4 starts or more, do not shy away from flaunting it.

30. Get 5-star ratings

You must ask your users about their experience or feedback, and provide them the 5-star rating system for the same. The best time to ask for a constructive feedback is- right after the customer used your mobile app. Plus, do not beg for it; rather, ask nicely.

31. Reply to the reviewers

You should never forget to send a reply to the feedback or review posted by your customer. It will show that you really care about their reviews, and it will also a good way to let you users know that the mobile app developer is active as well.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Apps

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Apps

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Apps | Image Resource : appsgeyser.com

Today, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. So, these platforms can be a good way to market about your newly developed mobile app. However, it is also true that the competition in these platforms is also quite intense. Hence, you need to implement some really solid strategies for the promotion of your mobile app.

Harnil Oza is the CEO as well as the founder of Hyperlink Infosystem. He knows how to promote businesses in the online market, and his knowledge related to technologies is quite impressive.

32. Plan your campaign

Before you start promoting your mobile app on the social media sites, come up with an effective marketing strategy. In this regard, selecting the right audience base, finalizing the most apt content, and choosing the most suitable social media network are the three essential steps.

33. Build engaging content

engaging content

Engaging Content | Image Resource : blogspot.com

You should aim at creating content, which is suitable and unique to your mobile app. It should possess the power of engaging your potential audience base. Interesting videos and powerful graphics can be quite helpful here.

34. Get a landing page

Yes, getting a landing page is also essential for the promotion of your mobile app. It would be even better if you can get a website too. In this way, you will have more resources to share with the social media users.

35. Offer incentives/rewards

In almost every niche, there are dozens of competitor apps present in the Google PlayStore and iOS App Store. So, if you want to stay in the competition, do not forget to add a reward program to your mobile app. In this way, more and more users will share your app with their friends and families.

36. Facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing | Image Resource : themainstreetanalyst.com

Marketing on Facebook has become a major part of social media marketing. So, do not forget to create an interesting and engaging Facebook page for your mobile app. Plus, it is also vital to remain active on that page. If you do not reply to the messages sent by the Facebook users, it will create a negative impression.

37. Use Instagram

Without any doubt, Instagram has become a major platform for photo sharing. So, if you do not want to miss an impressive base of potential audience, go and get an Instagram account right away! Posting photos or even screenshots of your app can be useful here.

38. Twitter power

twitter power

Twitter Power | Image Resource : iksen.com

When it comes to keeping your targeted audience updated about your mobile app, you can surely rely on the deep penetration of the Twitter platform. If you can earn the trust of few dozens of Twitter followers, the beneficial aspects of ‘retweeting’ can help your app’s marketing campaign significantly.

Codrin Arsene is a senior product manager as well as a technology writer. He has in-depth knowledge of UX Design, digital marketing strategies, optimization, and bottom-of-funnel conversion.

39. Optimize your app’s site

Having a dedicated website for your mobile app is not enough. You should also get it optimized as per the requirements of the search engines. In this way, more number of social media platform users will stumble upon your app’s website.

40. Press kit

Press Kit

Press Kit | Image Resource : appmasters.co

Apart from the regular or primary users of social media platforms, you also need to focus on the secondary base of audience, which comprises of journalists and influencers. In this regard, the use of app press kit becomes vital. An app press kit is a handy guide about your app and help journalists to write about your app.

SI Global is a renowned provider of IT solutions on an international level. The company has gained a lot of expertise in areas like mobile app development, web development, system integrations, and quality assurance.

41. Create long-term relations

On the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., it is good to have long-term relation with other users. This can be done by posting contents related to your mobile app on regular basis; thrice a week is sufficient enough.

42. Get in touch with influencers

There is no doubt that the social media influencers can add more popularity to your mobile app. Their strong voice can pull in hundreds of users for your mobile app. Bloggers are one of the best influencers.

43. Focus on headlines

Sometimes even good content fails to get attention if the headings are dull. SO make sure you use catchy headings. Also, whenever you update website content, don’t forget to update the titles.

44. Be polite with your tone

Yes, when you post something on the social media, you must make sure its tone is humble and more human. In this way, your targeted users will find it easier to connect with your marketing campaign.

45. Customize as per social media platform

Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform | Image Resource : tagmarketing.co.uk

Every platform has different features for posting images and content. So, in order to get more hits, make sure your content is personalized and more targeted towards your audience.

46. Use automation tools

With time constraint, work smart by taking advantage of tools that automate things like scheduling posts in advance. This way you will always stay active on social media and users will surely notice it.

PPC Marketing Strategy For Apps

PPC Marketing Strategy

PPC Marketing Strategy | Image Resource : knowledgeidea.com

The importance of PPC (pay per click) marketing for the promotion of your mobile app cannot be ignored these days. No doubt, PPC has already proved to be quite a successfully method of the promotion of websites. Now, industry experts are making use of PPC campaign to promote mobile apps too.

Rachel Poulos is the senior account manager at Hanapin Marketing. Her knowledge in the field of PPC marketing is quite rich and impressive too.

47. Know your targeted audience

In the field of PPC marketing, knowing your intended audience is essential, as it helps in targeting the most apt network. No doubt, testing is the only way to find it out.

48. Figure out your CPI goal

CPI or Cost Per Installation in the case of mobile app marketing is usually the amount of money you need to spend in order to get a new user. So, you certainly need to make sure that the profit you will make by that user (in the long run) is more than the money spent on promotion.

49. Watch your KPI


KPI | Image Resource : bernardmarr.com

KPI or Key Performance Indicators are the factors that affect the ranking of your app. For example, low conversion rate is one such factor. In this regard, you must keep an eye on the campaign metrics. Retention of existing users should be a major part of your strategy.

50. Choose your network

There are numerous networks available to start your PPC marketing with, such as Facebook app campaigns, Apple ads, etc. However, AdWords account is perhaps the most convenient one.

51. Utilize mobile app metrics

The use of reliable and agile mobile app metrics can make your PPC advertisement campaign more effective and refined too. In this way, knowing about the Click Through Ratio or CTR becomes easier.

So, those were the 51 marketing strategies by experts for promoting your mobile app. The use of these strategies can surely provide your mobile app more exposure and users as well. All you need to do is apply the most suitable strategies the right way.

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